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In our recipe book, you will find 10 interesting ways to prepare tasty dishes, that owe its extraordinary flavor to one of our cheeses. Simply click on the button and download the PDF.

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Spinach and Trappist Cheese Pie

For those of you who have no idea what to cook for lunch (or dinner), here’s a handy and quick…

Young cow cheese Parenjak under palenta with roasted vegetables

Ingredients: zucchini, egg-plant, tomato, mushrooms, paprika, onion...

Cheese balls with green olives

Ingredients: 1 cup grated Trapist cheese from Paška sirana 2 tablespoon butter...

Warm SoLun salad

Ingredients: ½ kg potato 100g pancetta thinly sliced 1 teaspoon butter 1 SoLun...

Pesto with cheese Pagus and basil

Ingredients: stack of fresh basil (about 2 cups) 1 cup of freshly grated cheese Pagus ½ cup extra

Breadcrumbed cheese Paprenjak with vegetable puree

Perfect bond for the grey, winter days! Taste of puree brings back in childhood

Piquant soup from vegetables, cheese Primorac and pasta

Ingredients:   100 g of pasta1 red onion2 carrots2 stems of celery2 potatoes500 ml of vegetable soup cube100 g of…

Pate from dry curd cottage cheese ( Skuta ) with chives & smoked ham

Ingredients for 4 person: 200 g of dry curd cottage cheese ( skuta )1 spoon of cream½ of sliced parsleyMix…

Bruschette with cheese Dalmatinac & mini tomatoes

Ingredients for 4 person: 20 mini tomatoes12 black olives16 slices of corn bread ciabatta200 g of cheese DALMATINAC1 clove of…

Gratinated sandwiches with spinach & cheese Pramenko

Ingredients:   4 slices of cheese PRAMENKO8 slices of bacon4 eggs400 g of spinach8 mini tomatoes4 slices of breadSalt &…

Chicken buttock with pasta in cheese & champignons sauce

Ingredients for 4 person: 200 g of pasta600 g of chicken buttocks1 onion200 g of brown champignons30 g of flour250…

Chicken scrolls with prosciutto & Mediterano cheese cubes

Ingredients for 4 person: 150 g of cheese MEDITERANO700 g of chicken breast fillets8 slices of prosciutto250 ml of cream150…

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