Paški sir mini

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Cheeses are on every list of super food but our Paški sir cheese is really a super cheese! One of its components which makes its x factor is a nice quantity of Zinc ( Zn ) – an extremely powerful essential mineral that is „responsible“ for hmm…man’s sexual functions…☺ Zinc increases a man’s potency and makes it easier for a woman to „survive“ PMS and also helps a woman’s fertility…So, consuming Paški sir cheese is not only a guarantee of pleasure, it is also very good for health…

There are young & aged Paški sir cheese. They are the same product, but taste and look is so different. Young cheese is bright, softer and easier, mild and tender. It is eaten as an appetizer together with Dalmatian prosciutto or Slavonic kulen sausage. And some white wine goes nice with it…


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Shipping information




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0,60 kg

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