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Some exotic ingredients are a real taboo when it comes to consuming them and the passion that they produce. Luckily, for the real aphrodisiac you don’t have to go far, it is the one & only Croatian island product, our star- Paški sir cheese!

Cheeses are on every list of super food but our Paški sir cheese is really a super cheese! One of its components which makes its x factor is a nice quantity of Zinc ( Zn ) – an extremely powerful essential mineral that is „responsible“ for hmm…man’s sexual functions… Zinc increases a man’s potency and makes it easier for a woman to „survive“ PMS and also helps a woman’s fertility…So, consuming Paški sir cheese is not only a guarantee of pleasure, it is also very good for health…

There are young & aged Paški sir cheese. They are the same product, but taste and look is so different. Young cheese is bright, softer and easier, mild and tender. It is eaten as an appetizer together with Dalmatian prosciutto or Slavonic kulen sausage. And some white wine goes nice with it…

Aged Paški sir cheese, on the other hand, is of harder, stronger flavour. It is eaten as dessert and it goes nice with some stronger white wine or, even better,  red wine.


And there is also MINI PAŠKI SIR cheese…a little wheel of cheese, about 900 g. Great for a present or a nice souvenir from Pag…And when you put it in this blue package…you have a beautiful present for any occasion…

For the stronger taste in food, we also have GRATED PAŠKI SIR cheese ( RIBANI PAŠKI SIR ). It is grated, aged cheese that will make your meal more special…

„Behind Paški sir cheese there is special landscape, special pastures; a rocky island full of aromatic herbs and salt brought from the Adriatic Sea by  bura, a strong wind…The secret of Paški sir cheese is the island of Pag. Paški sir cheese contains its essence…

The American journalist Carey Polis even wanted to marry our Paški sir cheese…She made a list of cheeses she wants to marry…Our Paški sir cheese is on this hot list.

For it, she says:

„Paški Sir, you little Croatian minx. You look pretty drab at the cheese counter with your not- particularly-lovely-yellow-brown inside. But maybe, that’s just because you are hiding your beauty from undeserving suitors. But we get you. We like you. We are proud to take your buttery self to dance.“

The whole article can be seen here.

We are specially proud that our Paški sir has won the Super Gold medal on World Cheese Awards 2016. in San Sebastian and was awarded as The Best Central & Eastern European cheese!



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2,30 kg


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