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Impeccably good & yummy…For a lot of foodies- the most favourite cheese…

When you cut it you will see it is hard, golden yellow and towards the rim it gets darker. Its structure is solid & dry and creamy. The smell is dry, sweet, nice & aromatic mostly because of sheep’s milk. This cheese is medium salty and when you taste it, it soon becomes sweet. Pramenko melts in your mouth. It is a very well balanced cheese and it has a very nice and durable taste. People always associate it with Spanish Manchego & Italian Pecorino Sardo.

Our mixed milk cheese Pramenko is made from cow’s & sheep’s milk but the difference between it and our other mixed milk cheese Dalmatinac is in the percentage of sheep’s and cow’s milk. In fact, Pramenko has more sheep’s than cow’s milk and that’s why it is stronger than Dalmatinac. It is ageing on wooden shelves for at least 3 months. The older it gets- will be the stronger and harder.

All of us at Paška sirana are very sentimental about our cheeses, because the production and caring about hard & semi hard cheeses demands a lot of attention.

When matching it with wine, some good structured,  stronger white wines are to be considered although it is best to pair it with some good red wine. Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon can be very successful paired with Pramenko. It is important that the cheese is paired with some stronger wines because it has to match its fullness & richness.

Pramenko won a lot of medals: the gold on World Cheese Awards 2013 in Birmingham,UK, silver on World Cheese Awards 2014, London, UK , bronze on Global Cheese Awards in Sommerset, UK, bronze in World Cheese Awards 2016.



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3,20 kg

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