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Trappist Paška sirana-the king among Trappist cheeses

This cheese contains everything you need to make you feel like a king…And if you match it with some good wine- you will feel like you are on the trone of the land called ENJOYLAND…

Trappist goes nice with some dry wines and some roze wines because of its soft, mild, creamy taste…

And now something from the history…

They say that Trappist cheese was created in France in 960. Paška sirana has been producing Trappist since 1987.

Trappist was born in trappistic monasteries where monks who were praying and serving God were also making cheese and beer.

In this region, the production of Trappist also started in monastery, in „Marija Zvijezda“ from Banja Luka in Bosnia.

Little by little from a semi-soft cheese Trappist became a  semi-hard cheese.

And why is Trappist Paška sirana the  king among Trappist cheeses?

Well, there are many Trappist cheeses on the market but none of them „sleeps“ with Paški sir cheese. Cheese likes to soak aroma and flavour and that is why our Trappist is so special & unique. It is ageing on the same wooden shelves as Paški sir and that is the secret of our Trappist…


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0,60 kg

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