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While crystals of Paški sir cheese are melting in your mouth, offering you a real sensation with a fusion of salty and sweet taste with a warm nut note, our skuta cheese is mild, gentle and soft like it wants that its nutritive attributes of super food remain secret for the selected ones…

While every cheesemaker has their own secret of making skuta cheese, our secret is actually in our, traditional recipe and the experience of many generations of island families that we have brought together for 70 years.

Skuta is a delicacy that results with production of Paški sir cheese. While cheese was for shepherds something to sell or exchange, skuta was like a reward after hard work. In cold winters with this taste of home that it has, it evoked memories of childhood and once again confirmed this strong relationship between Pag and production of Paški sir cheese.

Apart from strong emotional connection between Pag and skuta, it was also an ally in keeping health. While the strong wind called bura was devastating Pag’s island landscape, days would ritually begin with black coffee in which pieces of skuta were put…

Skuta is especially good for the regeneration of liver and the regulation of sugar. It contains less than 1 % milk fat, doesn’t contain carbohydrates, but only pure proteins that strengthen the immune system. It is a dietetic product that is also superfood, because of albumine and globuline which contain aliphatic acids needed in diet.

We offer cow’s milk and sheep’s milk skuta…

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0,40 kg

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Ingredients for 4 person: 200 g of dry curd cottage cheese ( skuta )1 spoon of cream½ of sliced parsleyMix of spices1 stem of chivesSalt & pepperBread Cut olives in segments and ham in lines. In  dish -cuter put skuta cheese cut in little pieces so that would be easier…