Paška sirana logotip

Pate from dry curd cottage cheese ( Skuta ) with chives & smoked ham

Ingredients for 4 person:

200 g of dry curd cottage cheese ( skuta )1 spoon of cream½ of sliced parsleyMix of spices1 stem of chivesSalt & pepperBread

Cut olives in segments and ham in lines. In  dish -cuter put skuta cheese cut in little pieces so that would be easier to crush. Add cream and chopped parsley, spice it with salt& pepper, close the cuter and blend it.

In plastic bag for squeamish put paste of skuta, cream, parsley and spices.

Cut bread and put this paste on it, decorate it with smoked ham, olives and chopped chives. If you want, you can add some red pepper  powder.

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