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Young cow cheese Parenjak under palenta with roasted vegetables


zucchiniegg-planttomatomushroomspaprikaonionradicchiosaltpeppermediterranean spices (rosemary, thyme, basil, sage…)olive oilpolenta ( sour corn)young cow cheese Parenjak


  1. Cut vegetables in similar size slices. Pour some olive oil, salt, spices and then stir it with hands so that  vegetable become well marinated. Let it like that for at least 20 minutes so that vegetable “drinks” all spices…
  2. In plates where you will serve dish, grate young cow cheese Parenjak. When polenta is cooked, pour it above cheese. In that way cheese will melt under polenta and become part of dish which you will enjoy the most.
  3. On heated grill pan bake vegetables for approximately 5 minutes from both sides. Sprinkle vegetables on polenta together with marinade & baking.

Crispy aromatic vegetables on mild polenta and young cheese Parenjak are guarantee for enjoyment.

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