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Gratinated sandwiches with spinach & cheese Pramenko



4 slices of cheese PRAMENKO8 slices of bacon4 eggs400 g of spinach8 mini tomatoes4 slices of breadSalt & pepperExtra vergine olive oil


Put bacon in pan and fry it a little. Then put it a side, and poach egg in the same pan. After that, put poached eggs on a plate and  spinach in the same pan. Over spinach put some mini tomatoes which you cut before on half, put some salt on it and stir everything. Fry it shortly so that vegetable become softer.

On baking paper put slices of bread and over every slice put some spinach and tomatoes, then fried bacon and egg and above evrything put 1 slice of cheese.

This made sandwiches put in oven for 5 minutes on 200 degrees.

Buon appetite!

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