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Chicken scrolls with prosciutto & Mediterano cheese cubes

Ingredients for 4 person:

150 g of cheese MEDITERANO700 g of chicken breast fillets8 slices of prosciutto250 ml of cream150 ml of white wine¼ spoon of nutmegOlive oilSalt& pepper

Cut chicken fillets in lines and beat it over foil. When fillets are beaten, spice with salt & pepper. Cut cheese Mediterano in cubes.

On half of fillete put some prosciutto, above it put some cheese and throw over all together.

That filled scroll put on pan with oil and fry it from both sides.

After some time- pour it with dry, white wine and continue with cooking.

Then, pour some cream, add nutmeg and cook it some more time in closed pan.

Boun appetite!

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