Paška sirana logotip

Chicken buttock with pasta in cheese & champignons sauce

Ingredients for 4 person:

200 g of pasta600 g of chicken buttocks1 onion200 g of brown champignons30 g of flour250 ml of cream250 ml of dry, white wine40 g of GRATED PAŠKI SIR CHEESESalt & Pepper


Cook pasta and on heated pan put some chicken buttocks with salt and fry it from both sides.

After 15 minutes of frying, cut some onion on slices and put it over buttocks, add some salt and continue with frying.

Wash champignons and cut it on smaller pieces and add it to meat. Fry it for about minute and then add some flour and fry it to get color. Then, pour some white wine.

In other dish mix cream, grated Paški sir cheese and pour it over the chicken. Mix it for some time and cook it little bit more.

Pour some olive oil on cooked pasta and add parsley on it.

Serve chicken together with pasta.

Boun appetite!

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