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Breadcrumbed cheese Paprenjak with vegetable puree

Perfect bond for the grey, winter days! Taste of puree brings back in childhood and empowered with bacon equally lies on your plate along with bredcrumbed star – Paprenjak…


PotatoCarrotBroccoliFlourEggsBreadcrumbsCheese with pepper PAPRENJAKBaconHot milkButterSaltNutmeg


  1. Cut potatoes, carrots and broccoli on little pieces and then boil them on hot water for 15- 20 minutes ( broccoli just 10 minutes )
  2. Breadcrumb Paprenjak and after breadcrumbing put cheese on paper
  3. Make puree from vegetables, add some butter, milk and nutmeg.
  4. Fry bacon in frying pan and after some time put puree on bacon
  5. Serve bredcrumbed Paprenjak on vegetable puree with bacon
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