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Where does the milk come from???

This is a very common question. We are always „bombed“ by questions: where are the sheep, there are no cows on Pag…
For all those sceptics : yes, there are no cows on the island of Pag, but there are many cows in Lika county and in other continental parts of Croatia. So, next time when you see a truck from Paška sirana in Lika- that doesn’t mean we make Paški sir cheese from cow’s milk of Lika county. We produce Paški sir cheese from sheep’s milk cheese from Pag exclusively. We have the largest flock of sheep on the island of Pag, around 3000 sheep and 20 people who work in the sector of cattle breeding. The rest of the milk we get from the thousands of families that have their own little flocks, from whom we buy milk and they are our subcontractors. But, Paški sir cheese is just a small part of our production. We produce also Dalmatinac cheese, Pramenko, Trapist, Primorac, Mediterano, Paprenjak, Parenjak, SoLun, Pagus…and milk for these cheeses we get in the continental part of Croatia.
So, don’t believe sceptics. Believe us and we won’t let you down…
No matter how big cheeselover you are, please your imagination and make a cheese plate, put some fruit or nuts, pour some olive oil or honey and indulge in cheese …Let the timeless taste of Mediterranean carry you away…
“A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it may be oversophisticated. Yet it remains cheese, milk’s leap toward immortality.” Clifton Fadimen

Life is great. Cheese makes it better.
Boun appetite!
Paška sirana


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