Paška sirana logotip

And would you like to find out something more about our history?

Paška sirana was established in 1946 as an agricultural community. Its history is connected strongly with the history of Croatia, because it has undergone different organizational forms untill 1992, when it became a private company. Its story is a story about the generations of island families who have breathed this salty island air, who have dispaired over the flock during cold winters and hot summers, a story about hundreds of hardworking hands who gave cheese its form by bringing into it the longing for those slower times and warmer households.What unites them is 70 years of Paška sirana, which emerged from the idea of fellowship and solidarity.
The vision of the founders managed to brand the cheese from the island of Pag ( Paški sir cheese ) even during those hard times, and it enabled hundreds of families to survive on this harsh rocky island where only few herbs grow…

The driving force of Paška sirana is manifested in every pore of the island’s life. It is a strong pillar of Pag’s economy, a part of Pag’s identity…

Today, Paška sirana produces 10 types of cheese, employs 85 people from Pag and exports to the US, to Europe and Asia…Its new production plant was built in 2008. It is situated in the town of Pag and was financed by the European Union. It was built in order to meet the European standards for food safety and quality. Our certificates of quality also confirm that of HACCP, ISO 9001: 2008, IFS, HALAL.

All of our cheeses were awarded on the many competitions in Croatia and abroad. The most important medals were from World Cheese Awards where our cheeses;  Dalmatinac & Paški sir cheese were awarded as The best Central & Eastern European cheese in 2012. & 2016.


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